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Fletcher Drive Elementary

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Jackie Goldberg has been a dedicated champion of quality public education and working families for her entire adult life. Fletcher Drive says "Thank you for your support!" 


    Students in Ms. Nyland's 4th Grade class had a great opportunity to participate in "The First Kids' Art Show in Space"- a partnership with DrawTogether and NASA.

    There were only five classes in the United States that created symbols to document what they are most proud of on Earth and want to share with the rest of the universe.

    Check out their artwork that was sent into space:

    Posted 5/18/22

    Help, Encourage, and Respect Others

    Be polite, caring, and make our school and community a peaceful place. Do your best to stand up for what's right and protect others from bullies. Believe in yourself!

    Posted 5/16/22
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    About Us

    At our school we will provide an interdisciplinary education that will not only provide a well-rounded understanding of the world, but will also allow for students to find their own identity through the arts and sciences. We strive to push the boundaries of achievement especially in both math and science. Our teachers understand that education is the ultimate equalizer of our society and as such they work collaboratively to build a curriculum that is personalized for our students.

    En nuestra escuela, brindaremos una educación interdisciplinaria que no solo brindará una comprensión completa del mundo, sino que también permitirá que los estudiantes encuentren su propia identidad a través de las artes y las ciencias. Nos esforzamos por superar los límites del rendimiento, especialmente en matemáticas y ciencias. Nuestros maestros entienden que la educación es el máximo ecualizador de nuestra sociedad y, como tal, trabajan en colaboración para construir un plan de estudios personalizado para nuestros estudiantes.